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Elephant Hill Trailhead

These trails explore some of the
most remote, seemingly
impenetrable areas of the Needles
backcountry. Colorful rock sipres
surround a grassland at Chesler
Park, the nearest and most popular
destination. Other points of interest
include the Joint Trail, where
canyon walls narrow to shoulder
width, and Druid Arch, a
spectacular block of eroded

Numerous intersecting trails in
this section of the park provide a
variety of hiking and sightseeing
opportunities. Trails are primitive,
and may have ladders or steep
sections along cliff edges.

Backcountry Use
Permit required for overnight stays.
Check for availability and Needles
Visitor Center.

Pets and bikes are not allowed on
hiking trails.
Protect cryptobiotic soil crusts by
staying on designated trails.
No fires, stoves only.
Do not depend on backcountry water sources.
Avoid dehydration, drink a
minimum of 1 gallon/4 liters of
water per day.
Trails are marked by cairns
(small rock piles).

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